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Your gateway to higher level private training, immersion all inclusive training, and luxury residential training.

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Discover how it feels to be part of a supportive, fun, family oriented group training that gets the results you want.

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Eliminate PAIN in 5 sessions or less with our unique R3 approach allows you to experience life as you were meant to: painlessly, relaxed, and energized.

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Part of our business is to create abundance in our community and beyond. See how you can help.

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deskofAC-picDear Friend,

If you believe that EXCELLENCE is the minimum you should expect in your life then read on…

For the past 12 years I have been driven by the pursuit of helping 1 million people live happier healthier lives by improving your mindset, education, exercise and nutrition. I believe that we are all capable of greatness. In fact I believe that we owe it to ourselves and our society to be great. So few people want to take that responsibility but at Cruz Country we embrace it.


It takes a village to raise a child.

Let’s face it there is so much confusion out there in the fitness industry. That is why I created this family of highly skilled body transformation coaches, lifestyle coaches, physical therapists, massage therapists as well as our comprehensive referral network to help you reach the potential you are capable of. While you are not a child I encourage you to embrace a child’s expression of love and excitement for life.


Don’t be deceived.

While our facility may look like a fitness studio it is more a lifestyle lab of empowerment. It is where you get trained to overcome your fears, your obstacles, build the body you desire, and live the life you deserve. We are here to help reveal the rules and habits that will enhance your life and increase your happiness.


What to expect…

Many other companies talk about losing 30 lbs in 30 days, or give you gimmicks such as eat anything you want and still lose weight. That is not us. In fact if that is what you are looking for you are in the wrong place. While we do get great results transforming our clients minds and bodies that is a bi-product of first addressing who you are and what your purpose is in life. If you decide that you want to give our family a try I must warn you it will not be easy. It will demand sacrifice, hard work, and commitment. Anyone that tells you otherwise is blowing smoke up your backside ;-).


Still interested?

I am not writing this letter to convince you but to share with you who we are and what we are about. We are here to serve those that want to be served. If you need convincing that this is the right place for you it probably isn’t. I can say that not because I think we are better but because I know how much time, energy, and commitment our coaches put in and we expect the same from you.


What you should do.

If this message resonates with you,
If you really want to have the ultimate body and live the ultimate life,
If you want abundant energy and look forward to each day with curiosity, excitement, and possibility then…

Call 305-741-0560 or Contact Us by clicking here.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you live your dream life.


Armando Cruz MSPT, CSCS
CEO / Chief Lifestyle Transformation Coach


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